Who is Lyn

Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner, Self-Care Guru

As a woman I understand the importance of self-care as a vital part of our mental and spiritual wellness. These facets of life are all interconnected, working together so that we may operate at our highest potential. As a mother of 2, working full-time, and dealing with life as it comes, I recognize how we can subconsciously put “self” last.

It is my mission to provide the space and opportunity to gain knowledge of holistic practices to heal the mind, body and soul. I have survived post-partum depression following the loss of a child, depression, and anxiety. Experiences through which revealed to me alternative ways of dealing with our afflictions in a more graceful manner; I have been certified by the trials and tribulations of my own personal journey.

It all begins within….

It all begins with you.

Naturally yours,



In no way does Lyn’s Corner intend to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, as I am NOT a licensed professional. Additionally, Lyn’s Corner is not in contradiction of medical advice; our desire is a more natural way to support healing.